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Thumbs down Bad Trader: Lamb Of God Central / ganondorf002

Lamb Of God Central / ganondorf002 -- I never should have gotten involved with this idiot, as he seemed problematic right from the very first email he sent, along with 2nd grade grammar skills. He initially contacted me saying he couldn't find my list, and asking if I had any Lamb Of God shows? I found that rather strange considering my email address is only displayed within my trade list, but ok. I responded by attaching a copy of my trade list. He replies by saying he doesn't have time to download my list (1 MB size Excel file) and only wants to know what Lamb Of God shows I have? At this point, I can tell I'm dealing with a total clown, so I specifically listed out what I had, complete with full show details, so he couldn't later claim he didn't know exactly what he was getting from me.

Long story short, we reach an agreement that is the equivalent of 5 discs. He contacted me first, so I should've waited for him to send first. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt and decided to just upload and send first. In return, he only sent 3 discs. When I asked where the other 2 were, he replied that the deal was "fair" since what he sent was "rare as fuck" (one of the shows still has the Dime info file in it!). From there things only escalated and he claimed I sent "shitty" shows (apparently a 1080p satellite feed pro-shot is bad quality, who knew?) When informed he was going on my trader list, I got the typical childish response of "Its worth it baby im jerking off right now oh oh oh i just came fuck my phone screen is all sticky as fuck".

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