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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Here's my take on donations & ratio...

First ...donation money should only be used for site bills,maintenance & up keep.
Many organizations that accept donations give percs to the donators.
There is nothing wrong with them showing their appreciation for receiving one.

As far as ratio haters go ....I say

Example hypothetical

You spend 50 dollars for your isp & I spend 50 dollars for my isp [monthly]

We're each on a torrent with the same amount of leechers & all equal uploads.
Over a 24hr period your ratio is 2.1 and mine is .3.
We've both spent the same amount time & money but your isp gives you better upload speeds.
Does that make you better?
No it does not but some asshats believe they are...again

Just recently my isp opened up my upload capabilities & I have gone from a .20 to a .49 in
a few weeks here...does that make me better ? I think not.

I donate to about 6 different sites ...some give percs & some don't I see nothing wrong
either way & I don't expect percs. I give because my favorite places on the web need help to stay
a float.

So why all the hate...just keep sharing one way or another it all keeps this music flowin'

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