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Re: What are Site Admins allowed to do with donations?

Originally Posted by Chachi420
that's not true...the proportion of seeders to leechers is small (there are a lot more leechers than seeders).
If everyone was sharing, there would be no opportunity for others to have very high ratios (becuase everyone would be sharing bandwidth, there would be no leechers to "fuel" their high ratios). People have have ratios either because they are seeders, or because there aren't enough people sharing. If everyone was sharing after they download, then their would be no need for you to seed beyond 1.0 (since that bandwidth would be coming from your peers who are also sharing). I hope that makes sense. In other words, you can't share to people that don't need it (since they are getting their bandwith from others), so you will never go beyone 1.0. That example is assuming negligable amount of seeders as compared to leechers, and everyone with approximately equal ul speeds (which is for the most part true).

Here's your mathematical proof!
You're missing one glaringly obvious problem...some leeches end up seeding well above 1.0 by the time they finish downloading if they get on at just the right peak of the wave. It's because their connection is better (faster and/or not firewalled), so the clients tend to favor connections from those people.

And then of course there is the issue of coming onto a torrent late and no more leeches show up. What then? If you ask me, it's a bit of a pyramid scheme--you just pray you're not the last one left downloading on a torrent.

I suppose you're going to chew out people for being firewalled next, when sometimes they genuinely can't do anything about it (i.e. someone else controls their network and they don't know the password, crappy ISP, etc.).

The simple fact of the matter is that there is always going to be an inequality in share ratios.