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Re: An urgent message about digital noise reduction

RE: this thread and the current seed on TTD of the Entwistle "rough mixes" from 7/18/79...

Just so it's known, I mastered the Entwistle 7/18/79 rough mixes from a cassette which is now the furthest back the material can be traced in that format. (I have no idea if the 2" master multitrack reels still exist. OR if any of the multitracks were re-recorded.)

The Rough Mix reel for 7/18/79 was destroyed soon after my cassette 1G copy was recorded. (Any remaining tapes from that bankruptcy sale were sold as blank reels after being bulk erased.)

The 1G cassette was recorded too "hot" and does have some flaws, so I made 3 different digital transfers and sent the discs out to three different seeders for offering on three different sites.

Each transfer is slightly different.

However I used no digital noise reduction on the set offered at TTD.

Originally Posted by guygee
If the seeder A/D'ed from an analog source, or from a rare/uncirculating digital source, and applied NR processing, then I think it would be fair if the seeder would offer, upon request, to distribute the raw source in the original form (hopefully 24 bit/high sampling rate) to any person claiming the experience to do a better job, or to anyone offering to archive the files on a publicly accessible site.
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