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Re: How old are you? (answers are private)

Originally Posted by Black Dog
.........I'm an old fart

old enough that I saw Floyd at the Miami Baseball Stadium in 77'
Saw PF at the Sporto in Pembroke Pines in 72
Originally Posted by jameskg
I saw Star Wars in 77

I was 4.
Originally Posted by Black Dog
I was 13......

Way too young to fully appreciate the PF show..
Originally Posted by darshun
Saw Star Wars in Korean in 77 or 78, snuck into a theater when i was 2 or 3 years old
Originally Posted by skajah
Amost 7 .....

when I saw "A Hard Day's Night" in the theater. 20 the year Star Wars came out.
Scene of a Perfect Crime

Originally posted by frankenberry
anybody else who decides to call me a fuckhead troll newbie (you know who you are) should be made to listen to phish bootleg taped by a '73 led zeppelin taper
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