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Re: Logistical Question about Bootleg Lists Online

Originally Posted by cicada View Post
When you record a show... that source is the master (some people call this "first generation" or gen1). If you and I were buddies in 1984, I might have dubbed a copy of your tape in the hotel across the street or maybe the next week at a party in your living room. That is 2nd generation. Now my roommate comes home from class and sees my tape, so he adds one more generation when he dubs a copy from me... he has a 3rd generation recording. And so on down the line. Analog recordings in my archives have so many generations in most cases (although I have some masters where I ran the deck and kept the tape).

We are so spoiled to now have access to lossless masters and low-gen transfers. Who would have imagined such a world!
What if it's not analog and it's digital? What if I traded with the person who recorded the show and he/she sent me the master online? Would that still be considered a master and should I list it as such online?
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