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Re: Ripping from CD(R)

Originally Posted by Five View Post
well first of all you need to check is there a better available source.. burned cdrs rarely are the best available source these days. you shouldn't bother ripping those unless you research, it pollutes the trading pool.

for example date and name of band? 99% its already out there, and you can save a lot of time.

also do you know about burned-in TAO gaps and SBEs? you should look for those as well

you need wav editor for that..

so its a big hassle for nothing unless you have a 1/1,000,000 cdr. document each band and date, resarch on google, etree, archive etc etc

tell me if there's anything you don't understand. hope this helps.
I always check if there is a different or better source. Most of the CDRs were never traded, some older shows that came from tape I have myself on tape or in digital form. I don't bother if the quality is lower than what I have! Ripping and editing takes a lot of time, I try and prevent doing that whenever I can.

I will have to look into "burned-in TAO gaps" and "SBEs", will do that, thanks. Not sure if someone can do that by accident. The CDRs I have were burnt directly after transfer to hard disk, only track indices added.
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