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Re: Ripping from CD(R)

Originally Posted by Five View Post
the RIFF files are removed when converted to FLAC, so it is not a problem. are you storing them as wav for some reason? what is the purpose?


hope I can help
No, WAV is only when I intend to edit the files. I received a bunch of CDRs from someone to work on, his own recordings from DAT and MD from the 1990s and 2000s. (I used to be a purist ("as close to the original recording as possible") but I moved on to "best listenable" so I apply amplification, normalisation, and EQ when necessary to make a recording worth listening to over and over again.) When he's making a new transfer he's sending me the WAV directly, but there's still that bunch of CDRs.

Originally Posted by Five View Post
also, are there not .cda files any more? sorry I've been out of the loop for a while
Thunar (an Ubuntu file manager) does not show .cda files and does not copy anything like that. I think the .cda files are something that Windows does when trying to read a Red Book CD format.

Thanks for the help and explanation. I learnt some stuff here.
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