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Re: RATDVD - why doesn't this forum use it?

Originally Posted by herbie747
I'm presuming people here have heard of RATDVD. It's basically like Winzip, but it compresses a DVD IFO structure down to single 2GB (approx size) file, which can then be extracted back to normal filesize & structure at any time.
RATDVD is nothing like Winzip. RATDVD uses lossy compression and re-encodes the video and audio.

From their FAQ:
"Is the reconverted ratDVD (to DVD) as good as the original?

Yes! There might be some small limitations to the quality based on the settings chosen, but it is a fully functional, compatible, high quality DVD-Video."
So, basically RATDVD is a glorified DVDShrink. Two thumbs down.
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