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Re: Comcast blocks some Internet traffic

I live in the mountains and have very little choice. In 1994 I installed ISDN, in 2000 I had DirectWay, which was an improvement (except when it rained), two years ago we finally had Comcast connected on our street and I jumped on it. I'm more than 10,000 feet past the cut-off for DSL, and my property line is at the boarder of At&t and Verizon, I'm on the Verizon side. Verizon offers broadband but having had no other choice other than Verizon for the past 15 years I switched my phone to Vonage and only have a fax line with Verizon. At&t said if I wanted them to cross the dividing line it would cost me $3K for a T1. So for now it's Comcast.

Speed test results:
ul 652 kb's
dl 14403 kb's

Comcast (3Mb service), (4 computers plus VOip), Linksys wireless router w/wireless Ethernet 100 Mbps, Cat in the Red Hat for Sandvine work around.

I'm using Azureus and the settings are at 112kb upload limit and 433kb download limit, but my speeds seem to hover around 40kb - 50kb up and 90kb-100kb down. Is there a tweak to increase?
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