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Re: Trader's Little Helper

thanks for the replies, roann.

as for the md5 problem... it seems to have fixed itself! The files I was working on have been renamed since this morning, and I tried it again now and couldn't get it to crash. It's the old case of calling the television repair man and when he arrives the TV works fine.

When I was having the problem, the 1st file was verifying fine, then for the 2nd and every other file I was getting the popup that says "Error: Invalid Data Line 8: audio file does not exits. Ignore and continue?" as pictured here:
Each file caused the popup, which would say Line 8, Line 9, etc. All's well that ends well, I can't make it happen again right now, so I'll guess it wasn't because of your prog.

As for fixing SBEs, thanks, I've found the "fix/preview" option and am going to try it out in a few minutes. For changing the order of files, I tried dragging and dropping the files in the list displayed by TLH but it didn't work, they just highlight but won't move. I'm using WIN2KPRO. No biggie, I can't see myself ever needing to change the order but I thought you might like to know.
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