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Re: Trader's Little Helper

Five, thanks for that much input/feedback. It will take some posts to answer all your questions. Because I'm at work at the moment you have to be a bit patient. This md5 thing I can test only at home. This is very strange cause from the beginning I've never had problem with this feature. I think programmers always say that .

I like how the fix sbe function has a popup asking if you are sure about the order of the files. I guess the only way to change the order is to use add > open one file at a time or just change the filenames. Since 99% of shows are named so that they automatically will be sorted this is not much of an inconvenience. A "move up" and "move down" button which changes the order by moving the highlighted track might be something to add down the line, not that I would ever use it I would just rename the files so that they sort.
_Don't_ use the add/remove buttons and rename the files. You can change the order or the files in the list by simply clicking and dragging them with your mouse (very similar to the way you select file(s) in the windows explorer with the left mouse button and move them via right mouse button to another directory). So no "move up/down" buttons are needed.

oh, and one more thing... I can't seem to get the "fix sbes" to start. I pushed "save" but it just gave me a preview .txt file... how do I get it to start?
??? ... ok, you've added the files to the list. Next to the "Clear" button is a thing called combo box (this is only enabled if there are files in the list!). If you click on the small down arrow button right side of this box you will be able to select "preview" or "fix". If you select "preview" (or "fix) the button under the combo box has the caption "Preview" (or "Fix SBEs"). So, select "fix", press "Fix SBEs" und the prog will do the job. The results can be seen in the log. The "Save" button right side the log will save the log, for example if you want to add this text file to a seed as some kind of change log.

Sorry, time-out.
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