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Re: Trader's Little Helper

This only happens with wholefile .md5 checksums that are for FLAC files. Even tho these are unnecessary especially with your program's ability to verify from ffp files it would still be great if this worked since I still see some people seeding FLAC sets with wholefile md5s included.

I like how the fix sbe function has a popup asking if you are sure about the order of the files. I guess the only way to change the order is to use add > open one file at a time or just change the filenames. Since 99% of shows are named so that they automatically will be sorted this is not much of an inconvenience. A "move up" and "move down" button which changes the order by moving the highlighted track might be something to add down the line, not that I would ever use it I would just rename the files so that they sort.

The other thing that comes to mind is that SBEs should be fixed one disc at a time, so that for example if there's an SBE on the last track of disc one it pads with silence rather than taking a little piece off the beginning of d2t01. Perhaps some mention of this or if possible some intelligent guess by the program to identify multiple disc sets and confirm with the user that it has done this correctly before applying the fix.

Perhaps this could be done by looking for "d1" "d2" in the filenames (or even "d01" and "d02" for sets of 10+ audio cdrs). This could get a little hairy if d1 or d2 exists in the filename.

An easier option might be to ask the user "is this a one-disc set?" yes or no, then if it is a multiple disc set get the user to show the prog which files are for disc one, then disc two, etc etc.

Anyhow, I'm thankful for everything you've done so far and just wanted to give you some input on what I would like as a user. (ps. maybe one day drag and drop will be possible *hint* *hint*)
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