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Question Re: Trader's Little Helper

Originally Posted by jaguaracer
Is anyone else having problems decoding FLAC Files?

I get the error:
To Test:
flac -t [INPUTFILE[...]]
Ignore and Continue?
Yes or No?
I'd like to get this working because it looks like a great program.
Never seen this before when testing/using my prog. Please tell me the following details:

1 - on which tab ('Test encoded files', 'Decode files', both?) do this occur?
2 - do this happen every time or only with some files?
2 - is the quoted code above the error message that comes up with an extra message box (the exact words, file name)?
3 - what is written in the log window after this error had shown up?
4 - Windows version?
5 - did you install some flac program after you've installed Trader's Little Helper?


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