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Re: An urgent message about digital noise reduction

Originally Posted by rerem
[...]The way I try to do it-up what is first rate. If something seems scarce-yet what I have really is flawed...odds are a better version exists,and often it appears on a bt site. Later-after I do the next puter,with a better soundcard-I'll hunt through my analogs and see what still has not appeared online. Already several have shown up-and in better quality. A few probably won't appear until I digitize them. [...]
rerem - (You probably already know this, but for the sake of others who are new...)When you build your next computer, try and go with a soundcard with a "Stand-Alone" A/D convertor. Prices have gotten pretty reasonable on these. You do not want the analog signal entering your computer case, there is all kinds of nasty noise inside of there, and it will show up in your recordings. Doing the A/D outside, in a shielded seperate box, eliminates that problem.

Like you, I have a lot of cassette recordings, but all of unverified lineage. I keep waiting for better sources to come out, but cassette tapes do not last forever, they become increasingly demagnetized, so hiss increases with age.
Many of these shows are not circulating, so it makes me think maybe I should get on with the job. If better sources emerge, people could always just trash my version. But since it is a lot of work to do a good job on even one show, first I think I would 1) Re-listen and start with the best sounding shows that don't circulate in digital form, 2) "google hard" and try to trade-up to get multiple copies and see if anything better is out there. I would probably want multiple copies anyways to use as patch material if my copy has any drop-outs, cuts or other flaws that were introduced somewhere after the master recording was made.
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