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Re: TTD Staff: Why don't you follow your own rules?

Originally Posted by sabkisscrue View Post
It is HIS recording, regardless of what band it is, who uploaded it, or who he gave it to. Actually its irrelevant.
You cannot disrespect a filmers and tapers wishes.
They must supercede any policy or even your own opinion
Even though he worked on it, It's really not his work...he's just capturing the artists work....does he own it, or possess it?

If the band or their management told TTD to remove then they would....the band owns the rights to the music.

If you get caught taping in a venue, and they want the media erased "No!...this is my recording, your opinion doesn't count"..isn't gonna work.

If the band gets hold of your recording, they can sell it(without your permission)

Remember when Metallica got so mad at everybody for "I Disappear"....when instead they should have got mad at the "leak"'s not TTDs fault that your vid got out.
It's like a secret, once you tell someone, it's out of your control.
You told a friend, they told the internet.

I do understand FM99s confusion about official stuff in his vid...but hey, being more lax is ok.

Hey FM99, look on the up least Carina maintained credit in the notes, and your vid is being appreciated by more fans.