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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by KoolKat View Post
I like that...but elaborated.

How about splitting the VBT & ABT into 2 so that the person who uploads the show has a choice of where to put it.
In "X" it's a torrent for all and in "Y" a torrent for the .1's (or whats decided) and above only.

That saves banning AND gives the choice to the uploader on whether ubers can have it.

Yes i know that it could be re-uploaded and put in the "for all".
That's your time delay.

An idea to mull over maybe.Sort of keeps everyone happy really.Even the viners & b&pers.They vine and b&p only as they don't have the speed...............don't they

That's an interesting approach KoolKat. I know I would be hurting under that system, but if people are really bothered by low ratios, maybe it's a good idea. Some people are consumed by this issue. On the other hand, regardless of my own ratio I will say this...When I'm transferring my old beta tapes to dvd, and creating all the components of the torrent (checksums, composing my info file for a description, bitrates etc.) I may think which site is the best match for the seed, but I have NEVER cared who downloads it, or what someone's ratio is. I just want to share good stuff.
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