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Re: Checksums Demystified (.st5, .ffp and .md5)

Originally Posted by gwendibbley View Post
Okey, I have a confession to make.

I haven't always checked the fingerprints and checksums for downloaded lossless audio files.

But now I want to do that, and to filter out the bad ones.
hello Hendrick

Originally Posted by gwendibbley View Post
Some of the bootlegs I have do have st5 and ffp, but some only have md5 and some don't even have any fingerprints/checksums.

(I have flac, shn and ape-files)

1. How do I ascertain that my files are correct? TLH -> Analysis -> Test audio encoded files and Check audio files for SBEs?
yes, run this for all files shn, flac, ape. somebody's gonna say 'nobody burns anymore...' well these days I see it more as a secret handshake, when you see shows with SBEs you know its a noob, and to check everything about that show over.

Originally Posted by gwendibbley View Post
Running "flac -t" in a command prompt in Windows?
use st5 if available, test them all. the st5 checksum is absolute, track01.wav, track01.flac, track01.ape, track01.shn when you generate st5 for any one of them it makes the same number.

if there is no st5:
flac & ape: self-test, then generate st5 and keep together with the files.

a) if there is .md5 with shn, test with that, then generate .st5 and add it to the folder.
b) if there is no .md5 with shn then open with audacity or some other wav editor and check it over, make sure there's not obvious corrupt data anywhere. listening all the way through if you have time. for 'rush job' tlh shn self-test, which detects shns that are so badly broken they will not fully decompress (iirc).

Originally Posted by gwendibbley View Post
2. If the above solution(s) return a positive result, can I then create a st5 (and ffp) for those audio files?
yes, certainly!

Originally Posted by gwendibbley View Post
I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I want to do it right, and preferably only one time (for my collection now, of course I will do this for any future bootleg I download).

Hope you can help me out.

Best reagrds,
let me know if this explains well, the topic gets confusing fast.

Checksums Demystified | ask for help in Technobabble | ttd recommended free software/freeware webring
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