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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Powderfinger
Bro...anyone who doesn't know about your contributions to this site aren't worth fucking with...

screw 'em.

Now....gimmee, gimme, gimmee....

and much obliged!!!

C'mon, P.... you know there's "members" at TTD that live to take on freezer.

I could say it's a nice day and some busy body would HAVE to argue about it.

No, let's discuss MY explicit ratio.........since it was already discussed on page one in this thread.....and subsequently referenced in further discussion.

Remember the original "Where do New Sources of old zeppelin shows come from" thread and how somebody just had to make a nasty comment in the first few posts?

WELL...using that thread's beginning ONLY as an example -- my point is:
"Would doing something to my ratio help remedy in keeping something like that from happening again?"

No -- ratio wouldn't have mattered.....That was purely a personal attack.

We're still discussing explicit ratio here.......MY explicit ratio.......OK......and using my unique situation as the case in point --- in almost every case where someone's complained about MY ratio or what I've shared or didn't share almost every case....its been personal.

Ratios wouldn't have mattered.

Look at the original "new sources" thread. Remember mort? remember the looneybird SPECIFICALLY complaining about MY explicit ratio? All personal attacks.

Would it make any difference if I had a ratio at all?

Ratios wouldn't matter because the 'members' that wanted to take on freezer couldn't care about explicit ratios .... they had axes to grind.

So, still discussing ratio as an example.......

Do I need a ratio?

The site owner pretty much said no.

I never thought I ever NEEDED a ratio because I don't take anything back......nobody will share what I want....(Doors 12/12/70 soundboard)

And a ratio won't stop any attacks, any arguements or any resentments.

Dudogger doesn't need a ratio. If he posts frequently in the Lounge, he'll fit right in all over TTD.......hell, who knows, maybe he'll fit in so well, he'll be asked to be the "assistant cover mod".

SO..........Does anyone else need an explicit ratio?

Ask the site owner for one simple and final answer and use that quote as a signature. That ought to shut up anything but a personal attack.

Case what about them awful 'spider-bots' .....

Originally Posted by Spider_Web
Well, then you are calling some serious Led Zep collectors liars.

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
You wall-eyed apple-knocking pig-fuckers! You don't know shit!

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