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Can I post very high bitrate H.264-encoded video?


this is my first post here, and I have a question about what kind of material I'm allowed to post as video-torrents. The FAQ seems to point out that only DVD (mpeg2) torrents are allowed, but most of the stuff I've transfered (and might post) from VHS are encoded with H.264 in either a MKV or MP4 container.

Since many of us use plasma/lcd-screens today we can't really take advantage of an interlaced signal, and most consumer hardware deinterlacers built in to projectors/plasmas/lcds are crap, in my opinion. That's why I've decided to do the deinterlace directly in software. This is when DVD aren't good enought:

Usually I deinterlace with MvBob, at around 1.4fps at a Core 2 Duo 1600, and end up with a brilliant looking 50fps 720*576px progressive videostream. I resize this to 544*576px in order to save some bits in the encoding process, and then I encode the stuff to H.264 with the free x264-implementation of that standard at bitrates high enought to fill a DVD5, or DVD9 if the show is very, very long. This means that I have 576p video encoded at DVD-bitrates but with a H.264 codec instead of mpeg2.

Usually I store this stream in either an mp4 or a mkv (Matroska) container, mkv tends to work best on my computers while the mp4 container can be played at updated Xbox 360s and Playstation 3s. Last time I tried this the 360 did not handle the PAR-setting correctly, but the PS3 works like a charm. It will probably be a matter of months before most low end DVD-players can handle these kinds of files, party because H.264 is one of the standards that HD-DVD and Blue-ray support and partly because "scene releases" of high definition material are H.264 encoded. I don't think mp4 can handle LPCM but mkv can.

There are also menu systems for mp4 and mkv, but I haven't yet tried them.

Simply put, I don't think DVD is good enougth quality wise compared to the amount of work (and money... TBCs, players etc) I've put in to the transfer.

Is it, or is it not, okey to post torrents with this kind of content?

Edit: Corrected some spelling mistakes, and changed some words.

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