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Re: Is it a noticable difference (VHS Question)

The RM folder is just something that Phillips DvRs make.It's nothing & can be deleted

Anyway,Hmm..yes,it does seem that your Drive cannot read VR.Havn't checked but that seems the likely case at this point.

OK.....long winded but can be sorted.
Make them 1 hour DVD-R recordings but for disc 2 start recording a bit before where disc 1 finished...15 seconds or so.

Now look for a frame accurate editing program..I use Tmpeg Editor 2 for jobs like this.It will export the file losslessly.

Right ...load up your 2 DVDs via the source wizard option and work out where to splice the 2 together.Hopefully you can work out what frame is the last frame to use the 1st frame(for the 2nd disc).

When you've done output settings at "Automatic less encode as possible".
Now it will export losslessly the 2 as 1 long file.

Now use your authoring programme to make your Dual Layer.


PS:....looking forward to a copy .....sorted direwolf
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