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Re: My router keeps resetting itself ARgH!

what's your torrent client?
As stated various clients for Mac OS.

Why do you think your router is resetting itself? Are you forwarded ports suddenly not in there any longer?
No it actually sort of recycles. The lights go black, then flash back on and go through the little patterns it does on start up. It just seems to coincide with multiple things hitting the line. Like if two people are on the internet and BT is running. Or if BT is running and then iTunes starts a download it might cause it. Other times it is more random.

Who is your internet provider? It isn't Comcast, is it?
Oh yeah I should have said. It is Verizon.

IF the router is power cycling (full reset/resync) - its the router. replace it.

when I say restart - I mean it restarts 'as if you unplugged-plugged it back in'.
software would not cause this device to restart.
they are standalone devices with their own firmware.
It sure does seem like the hardware because it is as described. The thing is that it is pretty intermittent and doesn't quite have a 100% predictable pattern.
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