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Re: Is there an alternative to playable data DVDs?

Originally Posted by E_rock
Are they + or - R's? Can your player work with both mediums? Is it in PAL or NTSC? PAL could be the problem. Did you create an empty AUDIO_TS folder too? Some players require this and I think if you create the EXTRAS_TS you will have to create an AUDIO_TS also. After you create these drop them one by one into the program. Don't just drag a folder with all three inside of it. Your player won't see the info inside. Hope this helps. I've never had a problem this way.
This time i've used a printable BenQ 8X DVD-R. In the following thread,

it says the video format is NTSC. I don't know what the video format has to do with this but that's the format.

As to the layout of the DVD, i did it like this:

DG - "Home, home again" - D1 (name chosen for the DVD)
--->AUDIO_TS (empty folder)
--->VIDEO_TS (this is the folder i downloaded without changes)
--->EXTRAS_TS (here i put the checksum, text and artwork files)

I know i should have changed the path in the md5 files to point to the right place but that's not what's making this disk unplayable.

I hope this info helps,

peace & thanks,

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