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Is there an alternative to playable data DVDs?


i've recnetly downloaded two shows in DVD format. Both of them come with checksum files and artwork. I found some threads in this forum discussing how to make "playable data DVDs" that contain the main movie as well as the extra files contained in the EXTRA_TS folder.
So, i gave this method a try and burned one of this shows to a playable data DVD. I followed the instructions delivered by AAR.Oner in one of these threads and the disk was created successfully. However, my DVD player refused to play it and showed me a "CANNOT PLAY" message in its display. My player is a Sony DVP-NS575P.
I'm writing this to ask you if there is another method i can use to burn DVD disks which hold all the info i download in a torrent, not just the movie, and make it playable on my DVD player. I'm searching on the net to find info on this but, up to now, all i could find is that these kind of disks sometimes play on standalone DVD players and sometimes not, depending if the player is ready for them. I guess i'm not going to be able to play these kind of DVDs on my player, but hey...there's no harm in asking, right?

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