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Re: uTorrent and privacy

Originally Posted by eric182
no everytime utorrent runs it tries to connect to swifticab which was blocked by peer guardian for helping mpaa/riaa since utorrent is now owned by bit torrent and bit torrent sells movies on their site it is blocked. i am not sure if it gives info to them but it does connect through dht to utorrents server from what i understand
swifticab is the hosting company of utorrent

Originally Posted by Ultima
[uTorrent] uses UDP when attempting to connect to as a DHT bootstrap. If you use DHT, you should allow the connection.

Originally Posted by stevenofnine
uTorrent is blocked by PG now that it is a subsidiary of a company doing direct business with Motion Picture companies.

this area of techspertise is over my head, but my interpretation is that DHT needs a place to phone home to work properly.
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