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Re: Exclude Forums From 'New Posts'?

Hey Lynne

I just had a look in my options there now and that is exactly what I was referring to, thanks!

It's not that I don't poke around, it's just I find it easier to manage a large site when you can control new posts to the forums that you are mainly interested in, such as when you are peeking in while on the road/at work.



Are you talking about just removing the forums from the search, or also not having them show up on the front page. There is a mod I found that will remove them from the front page and also from the New Posts, but I haven't found one for only removing it from the New Posts search.
No, I was only referring to excluding them from the search.

I actually went to the other forum that I was referring to to give you a screenshot (which is not necessary now) and only found when I had gone looking that they had disabled it, too. I guess I'll be making a similar request there also.
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