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Needing help with port forwarding

Hello people at TTD:

Im FreeRadical09, I just joined here on recommendation of a good friend that pointed me here to see if someone can help me with a problem Im having.

I used to run a hub on DC++ back in school, I had no problem coz I was connected directly to the modem and all, but things changed now that Im at home.

I have a 2-wire 2700HG wireless router, I tried to connect my computer directly to it with the ethernet cable, but that wouldnt work, I had to use a CNet 5 port switch to get a connection, but I came across the thing that I cant use DC++ or Azureus without having to forward ports because they just wont connect. I tried to use the help on but when I get to the step of inputting the router's IP address, I get stuck, because I dont get anywhere, the explorer says Im writting the address wrong, and by the looks of it, the text is taking for granted that you have software of the modem installed, in my case, I dont have it installed, the software that came with it was designed by the ISP and since the computer isnt plugged to the modem directly, it thinks I have a computer (this one) on another room (which I do) but its expecting to have a wireless signal receiver and if I dont tell the program which hardware to get a signal from its list Im using, wont let me go anywhere, so I uninstalled it.

This whole fuss is because I cant run the hub this way, for those of you who know about DC++, when connected this way, you have to be Passive, and that limits a lot your abilities to get stuff and all, since I would be the one running the hub, I need to have DC running, but if I dont forward ports for it, I wont be able to use it.

I have the same problem with azureus, I just cant make it connect so I can download torrents.

I tried turning off the firewall I have and telling it which ports should keep open for those programs, but it wont work. Ive tried the help texts Azureus has, no luck, on, no luck, Ive asked around but no one seems to be able to help me.

My computer runs on Windows XP Home Edition 2002, Service Pack 2 , Firewall is Panda Platinum Firewall/Antivirus 11.0.1, Java is version 6 Update 1.

If someone can help me, Ill greatly appreciate it, and if more info is needed, please tell me so.

Thanks a lot.

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