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Re: Port forwarding / firewall

Oh hi..My firewall is still off. When I go through the steps to enable my port forwarding I click enable on my forwarding service and then it prompts to a host device or ip address screen. I have tried both selecting my computer, and inputting my static ip. It relaods and seems to have worked. but then I check and still nothing. Is there another way to check to see if they are forwarded to the same ip. might be hard for you to say if you can't see my router page? Would DNS have anythimg to do with this??? I get a different DNS when I check ipconfig /all compared to when I open my router and check the connection summary. The ipconfig shows my DNS as the same as the default gateway. I had it set up this way when it was working so I am not sure if this would change anything. Also, my handle no longer shows in the tracker screen. but I am logged on.
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