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Re: sandvine workaround

Originally Posted by Lou
I tried doing that last night, and it completely fucked up my internet connection. I had to use Windows System Restore to get things back to normal. Just a warning to anyone who may try and do this.
I'm sorry to hear that Lou. It's always a good idea to back up your data and make sure you make a new restore point before you go installling any new programs.

Because I don't know what your OS is, whether you are using a router/firewall
or how you went about installing it, I can't figure out what happened in your case. Everyone's mileage may vary on this. Are you being sandvined by Comcast or another Company?

I have another very simple solution for a internet provider that begins with 'A' and ends with 'T'. It does not involve any new software installation and I imagine would work with any OS platform.

If anyone wants to know that, please pm me! I just don't want them to get wise to this and start using using stronger technology like Comcrap's.
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