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Re: sandvine workaround

Originally Posted by cicada
Here is the link that I read which states Comcast has given all it's customers the chance to "opt out" or accept arbitration ... if it should go to court

If you are still with Comcast... be sure to read the fine print on your recent billings. It appears that this meassage was NOT prominent.
Sneaky bastards

I came very close to switching to ATT this week until I read their user agreement. It's way to long to print out, but it's buried on their website if anyone wants to look.

Legally speaking, it looked even worse than Comcrap's and they also use sandvining. I am told that ATT's technology is much easier to bypass, though.

Where I live right now, those are the only 2 choices, and I just can't wait to move to a place I don't have to use either!

Perhaps tomorrow I'll start that thread in the Lounge
I'm way too tired at the moment to drag all that shit out.
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