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Re: Bad trader - Brooks Harris (sportscards)

I put this on another thread here, but it needs to be read here too.....

On one of the Iggy fan sites there is a thread of a similar nature...when I mentioned it to him he said that was the past and "I no longer rip people off, dude".....Yeah right.....
Its stops me wanting to upload Iggy stuff because I don't want him to have anything!

My earlier post.....
"Do not deal with Sportscards...he is still the same person, trying to rip people off and only wanting mp3s of everything.
He even invented a false email address and persona and approached me for trading and tried to extort money from me too. If you are going to be a liar, you have to be a good one...he is not.
His poor spelling and lack of intelligence exposed himself, initially denying it was him, but eventually admitting it and then had the nerve to ask me for more shows!!!!!
Full story on application.

Avoid him like the the trading community a bad name. He even asked me after much harrassment to upload an Iggy show to dime and then didn't download it....He was "Happy" with his mp3s.
Notice he wants stuff put up on Dime instead of costing himself postage...a real clown."

Just to add he is also going under the name Zerka with this email.....
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