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Re: Van Morrison - Why banned?!

Brewster from earlier (2011 or 2012?) blog:

"For ages, Van Morrison had the Web Sheriff on the payroll confounding bootlegers of all stripes. Folks like Van and others hire the Sheriff to rid the online world of illegal copies of their art. I don't know if it was Van himself, or his management that did the hiring and I likewise don't know if the initial intent was to take down unofficially released recordings as well, but that is exactly what happened. The Sheriff is a bit of a maniac and for years it was very difficult to find copies of Van Morrison concerts online. I once even had some cover art for Van bootlegs taken down by the Sheriff for no apparent reason.

"A few weeks ago the Sheriff got fired by Van (though I am sad to say he has since been hired by Bob Dylan) and bootlegs are now bountiful. I've since downloaded/traded for dozens of Morrison bootlegs and nearly everyday am getting more. Like a lot of artists who've been performing for decades the quality of the boots range from pristine to piss poor,but they are almost always interesting."

So, fingers crossed...

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