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Re: ? for Mac Users

Originally Posted by ffooky
I'm in the middle of a mammoth test of Finder/xACT/EAC and the results are pretty interesting so far.

Here's an example of why you need a log:

From an xACT log:

100% track 5 'Lithium' recorded with minor problems

100% 0 rderr, 0 skip, 12 atom, 0 edge, 0 drop, 0 dup, 0 drift

100% 324 overlap(0.5 .. 0.5)

The same track extracted by dragging from the Finder (OS X 10.3.9) produced an identical file but in EAC produced "suspicious positions". Without the log there would be no indicator of any problems...even things that are nigh on inextractable with EAC and produce what xACT describes as audible errors/major problems will copy across from Finder as quickly as normal. Unless you listen to everything you extract you would be unaware and could pass on unlistenably flawed tracks.

I'll have the results of my tests later today.

this was what i had wanted to do but hadn't gotten around to...thanks for taking the time...

quick questions ffook--the results above show a "minor problem" [the "12 atom"]...i got some very similar results the other day using ? is, what does the "atom" refer to? also the "324 overlap"? is this like a SBE, or something else??? also, would these "minor problems" be similar to an EAC log that reports a 99% Copy Quaity [generally viewed as an "acceptable" extraction], or should re-extraction be performed on the tracks with "minor problems"?

looking forward to yer findings...cheers!
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