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Re: ? for Mac Users

Originally Posted by PaulHarald
I have read so many places that it's virtually impossible to make a 100% perfect audio CD copy on a Mac, and actually not on a PC either even when using EAC.

But how about this: Copy the files (on a Mac) by dragging them from the CD to the desktop. The copied files are .aiff

Then either make .md5 checksum files and compare with the tracks on the CD or use the built-in binary "compare" mode in Toast which essentially does the same thing.

I have found this method of copying as well as using iTunes and xAct to be exactly the same - MANY times - EVERY time in fact.

When I burn a CD in DAO afterwards - I can compare the files again to be 100% the same.

What am I missing?

there's no extraction log that way...but other than that it's perfectly fine...even when encoding the aiff files to flac and back, yer aiff md5s will still check out

as far as iTunes goes, it seems to "decode thru the errors" whereas xACT does not...this rules iTunes out in my mind, atleast for trading/archiving purposes
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