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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Originally Posted by Phishblowz
dcbullet is right on the money, but really it's not my intention to flame Phish exactly, or to be rude about's more of an upfront acknowledgement that I don't like Phish...I do lots of mail trading and such and I don't want people to waste time tryin to trade with me for Phish stuff, nor would I be interested in seeing the Phish portion of their trade list...I don't have any contempt for their fans (there's some really good people who dig them) or anything like that, it was really a formality...but to be honest, I've received lots of mail over the years about it...and those who laught their ass off beat out those who are offended by a solid 3 to 1

and I realize that bot isn't necessarily supposed to be taken seriously, but he has said some things that struck me as did several around here, and I just find it discouraging...but to each their own, it's not my place to enforce decency...and as for U2Lynne, don't you worry about my knickers babe, I still put em on one leg at a time

as that guy in the Fantastic Four would say...FLAME ON!!!!!!
dont feed us bullshit & then expect us to respect your thoughts.

Bot made some valid points its own Bot way -sorry the truth stings (and yes bot likes to gently tease).

Dont take people for idiots pisses them off... babe.
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