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Re: Can I seed this torrent?

st5 checksums will be the same whether the format is shn, ape, flac or wav.

if you don't have the original checksums then it is better if you don't share them. the original files are out there and it is better not to have variant sets that are not verified identical unless it is a different transfer/source.

from the txt file I can see that three of them are from ttd. it will be pretty easy to track down the fingerprints for those as they will either be posted on the site or somebody who was on those vines can generate st5 for you and pm it over. when you get the checksums I can show you any necessary tweaks to get TLH to read them (eg if you've gone shn>wav>flac you will need to change ".shn" to ".flac" in the st5 and then it will find the files and hopefully verify perfectly).

better just to keep a backup of the original data files, what with cdrs being only $0.02 each these days!
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