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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by Inmyheart View Post
I have noticed, too, that the share ratios do not seem to reflect the real uploads, e.g. my share ratio should be a bit higher than it is.

I'm not complaining just stating it.

I know I had a relatively even share ratio (something like 0.99 or 0.97) before I started downloading 2 DVDs = about 8 GB. Now I'm still sharing these two R.E.M. DVDs and according to azureus I have uploaded 3.22 GB of the first one and 3.89 GB of the second one so far.

However, according to the data given on top of the site I have currently downloaded 21.47 GB and uploaded 19.11 GB = 2.36 GB are missing until an even ratio of 1.00.

Once again, I'm not complaining I have just noticed this and would like to mention it here. I'm very grateful to get the stuff and I don't mind uploading a GB more I just find it very strange.

For someone who has more problems uploading it could be a problem to get a good ratio, though.
Do you have DHT turned off in Azurues? By default, it is on, so if you have done nothing about it, then it will be on. This hurts you because if someone else has DHT on, then they may connect to you using DHT and then all the data exchanged between the two of you will not be seen by the tracker at all. DHT is a way of talking to other clients by bypassing the tracker.

Quoted from this thread (dated 2006, but I think it's still valid):

Disabling DHT in Azureus
>Tools >Options >Connection >under "Peer Sources - Select the default permitted sources for peer connections" only check "From a tracker"
>Tools >Options >Plugins >Distributed DB >uncheck "Enable the distributed database"
>Tools >Options >Plugins >Distributed Tracker >uncheck "Only track normal torrents when their tracker is unavailable"
>Tools >Options >Sharing >check "Private torrent - only accept torrents from the tracker (This should automatically grey out and disable "Allow decentralized tracker when tracker is unavailable")
>Save >restart Azureus
You should see a red dot and "Disabled" on the bottom of the main Azureus window.
See the note under "Update" on this page.
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