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Re: mac v. pc

It sounds like an iMac is what you're after but don't expect to be able to upgrade anything at a later date other than RAM or the HDD. If you're buying new, do not, under any circumstances, opt for anything other than the standard RAM on offer. Apple RAM is ludicrously overpriced and you will save around 200% (honestly) by buying decent 3rd party kit from Crucial etc.

Better than new would be a refurb from the online Apple Store. The only downside is that you don't get the flashy box but you save a significant of money and you're far more likely to get a flawless computer than if you bought new as it will have gone through numerous checks that a pristine machine will not have.

If you're looking for a 20", be aware that the older, white models had a better display than the newer aluminium ones and you may still be able to pick one up from the refurb store. The 24" models, white and aluminium, both have equivalent panels though all the aluminiums have glossy displays which I personally see as another vote in favour of the white models.
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