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Re: Your Favorite Equipment & Software

Computer: HP 866MHZ 383 MB ram Gonna build new soon.
Delta Audiophile 24/96 sound card. Realistic Sta-19 reciever w/
Minimus 7 (4" woofs, soft dome tweets)
OS's:Linux Ubuntu Studio - Win 98 (only for Cool Edit)

HD: Seagate 160 GB -WD? 30 GB

Browser: Swiftfox

Burner: Asus

Player:Linux- Rhythmbox w/ FLAC - MP3(Lame)- SHN. Win98 -WinAmp 2.? +EAC
Lame 3.97

Wave Editor: Linux-Audacity, Gnome Wave Cleaner. Win98- Cool Edit Pro

Bittorrent: Azureus

Hard Video/CD- Phillips

Reciever- Marantz 4230 Quad

Analog Sources: TT-Technics SL1200 modified to play 78s, fluid damper, Shure
V15VxMR. Yamaha K-950 cassette (need repair). Akai GX-4000D
reel2reel. Teac 4070G reel2reel. Zenith 8-track recorder.
Speakers- Realistic Mach IIs - 3-way 15" woofs, 6" mids, horn tweets. Sensitivity
in the ninety-something db 1 watt 1 meter range.
Source Material: 1200 + records and counting.(45-33-78-7"-10"-12") All kinds from Rock to Bach
Silver Coasters: 500? and counting. No idea on tapes.
I hope that was boring enough for you

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