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Re: Reconsider ISO posting policy?

Here is how I author dvd hybrid discs(dvd video with an audio only track) at 24bit/48000kHz.

I make the assumption that you already transferred and have your raw wav file/files sampled/downsampled to 24/48 and you are working on a windows os. All programs used are freeware or shareware with no restrictions on usage.

Programs used
cd wave

flac encoder and frontend


Step 1: Track raw wav files
Purpose to prepare wav files so you can fast foward on the final author to where you want(same as chapter points on video)
This step is optional but recommended.

1. Open cdwave and load in your raw wav file.
2. Choose your split points.
3. Once you've set your split points and renamed your output files accordingly choose save pick your output directory and choose output mode as direct wav.
4. Rinse and repeat if you have more than one raw wav file you want to track just make sure all the final tracked wav files are named so they are sequentally listed.

notes: cdwave does support input and output of 24bit wav files and flac files.

Step 2: Compress and decompress tracked wav files using flac
Purpose: To fix the header of the wav files of any nonstandard information that may cause problems during playback or authoring. This may happen from the a/d conversion or during the downsampling process depending on what you use.
The step is optional but recommended if you are not certain.

1. Open flac frontend and set the compression level to 0(for speed purposes only).

2. Compress then decompress the wav files. The compression process will strip and fix any errors in the wav header if they exist.

Step 3: Author your dvd-a

1. Drag and drop your folder with your finished wav files onto the Lplex.exe file in windows explorer/my computer.
2. Wait until it is finished and that is it.

Advantages to Lplex.
1. Lplex will do gapless chaptering so there is no skips between chapters.
2. No menus when authoring.
3. Lplex will add an xtra folder which you can add your txt file, pictures, md5 files etc that is valid in folder structure for burning dvds and won't affect playback.
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