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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Hi.I'm kind of new here and was wondering if there was a specific policy.

My ISP "throttles" or speed-reduces torrent traffic. They used to do it on everything, but now it's mostly on uploads.ATM, my d/l speed is 105-110 kbs/sec and the u/l speed is 3.5 kbs/sec. This seems to be fairly typical the last few days,give or take.I dont think I've seen the u/l speed ever go above 10 kbs/sec.

So what do I do here? Leave uTorrent running 24/7/365 to try and let the ratio catch up? Other local ISPs that claim to have no throttling arent anywhere near as reliable as this one according to their users and cost more.I guess I'll be branded a Big Time Leech for awhile.

*looks for leech smiley*
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