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Re: Site labels me as FIREWALLED, but I am not

Originally Posted by TomTraubertsBlues View Post
I have used this site many times, as my stats show, but today I logged on and it shows be as being firewalled. I know this can happen if you have are using a VPN, but I am not. I have been trying one out here and there and I did have it up yesterday, but not all day or anything, and I used this site last night, so I am very confused.

I cleared out my cache, and restarted, but that didn't help. Anybody know what might be going on? Thanks.
Have you checked out your router to see if the port you are using for you BT client has been forwarded correctly? I only ask because this morning I had the same issue and checked the IP on my machine. I had previously set a static IP on my machine and configured the port on the router to that IP. Something happened and the static IP was no longer set and therefore I was showing as firewalled because the IP of my machine no longer matched the IP forwarded on my router. Once I reset the router to forward the port to the IP addy and restarted my pc and restarted my BT client the FIREWALLED note went away.

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