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Re: Why don't you visit the Lounge @ TTD? (public poll)

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
But, what you didn't see was that yes, some posts were moved to the thread in The Lounge, and then I asked Staff to please let me mod these threads and I was told No Problem. It wasn't some big debate that had to happen. Usually I welcome the help modding this forum, but I was trying to watch these two threads myself this time and hadn't stated that to Staff.
Perhaps if some of the issues I brought up were not a problem it would have been easier to see that. To me it sure appeared to be more of the same treatment from Craig. Selective deleting of posts, and editing his after the person he is talking to is no longer logged on. Get's old quick.

I do appreciate you stepping in here, and appreciate your dedication to some of the missions we set forth so long ago.

I would say that we do get along as a whole. I'm not saying we don't have disagreements though, because we do. But, for the most part, they stay pretty civil and get worked out. How can you not take a group of random people and put them together and not have disagreements though? I think if you took anyone on Staff and had them run the site, it would be different than how it is now. Different is not necessarily bad. We just all have different opinions on things. But, nobody gets upset if the decision goes right when they wanted left.
Good. That is how it should be

Just like, if we change things in The Lounge, no one will have a hissy fit if they were against the change.
I guess I will have to trust you on that, and I do. I have recieved a nice 'Fuck You' PM that said nothing else from Craig. You can see for yourself who is tagging all the threads I post in, feels like someone is having a hissy fit just about proposed change.

I honestly think TTD has pretty cool Staff.
I can not dispute that and know that I have done plenty to deserve the reputation I have. I will say that the majority of the staff has been very receptive and cool talking with me, in threads and PMs. You have a great staff of interesting and talented characters that for the most part can take what they dish out and are willing to listen.
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