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Question Many Lineage Questions...

Hey guys,

I'm trying to figure out what counts as acceptable. I've inherited a lot of this from my parents and their parents and such, but here's the info I have on these...I'm not sure...As far as I'm aware, what I have is THE LOWEST LINEAGE COPY and the masters are either gone, probably impossible to get again, or just plain lost in the sea of the world...

1st (1993):

Recorded on tape in audience (original source confirmed gone) > to cassette > to minidisc > to flac, lpf cutoff at like 13000

I can't seem to find a copy out there other than mine in the first place. There looks to have been some sort of processing done on it, lpf cutoff very very low at like 13000. Not blocky looking, but there seems to have been some sort of lossyness.

2nd (1993):

Recorded from radio broadcast (station copy, not via personal radio) > CD(x) > flac

Has something lossy about it, again, very low lpf cutoff (10000), the quality is spectacular though and I'm not sure if there are any out there that have the low lineage mine have.

3rd (1993):

Recorded on tape > cassette > CD(1) > flac

What's with these low lpf cutoffs? Present here again at like 11500. Not blocky looking via the graphs. As I said, I have the lowest lineage.

Now, are these acceptable for posting under the circumstances? These are rare masters that I'm not sure exist in a lower lineage and I've searched high and low with no lucky. I'll be awaiting for an answer.

Thanks! - D
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