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Old 2007-03-20, 12:57 AM
DVD ripping help

IM trying to get a dvd on my computer and i used dv decrypter to do it. THe DVD Decrypter gives out .VOB files, but it gives me like 5-39 files. So i got a video joiner and the video joiner only joins AVI, wmv and other files types and not .vob or .mp4(if it was mp4 thenu would use psp video 9 to convert it because its going on my psp anyway). I found some converters like dvd ripper platinum that convert .VOB and mp4 files but they are all free trials so they only convert the first 5 mins or 50% or the video. so does nay one know where i can get a free video converter that converts .VOB to AVI and a VIdeo joiner that joins .MP4 or AVI video?
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