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Re: Storage of CD and DVD media

it took a long time of trading to come to this solution... everything i've ever got in trade or downloaded (audio) in shn or flac i burn an audio copy to play, and put on my "wall of sound", and a flac or shn copy to archive. for awhile i used different methods to store them, until i found this:
they have everything you'd ever need to store any type of collection. i use the tyvek sleeves with flaps, and no glue. now, since i got a dvd burner, half my library is multi disc compressed shows on cd, and the newer half is all on dvd. for audio, i put as many shows, in compressed form, on a dvd as i can, write the number of that disc on my own list and also make note of it on my etree list. as for videos, i burn a nice copy with an insert, etc for my collection, and i burn another as a data disc with all the important info (text files, md5, inserts, etc) and put them in sleeves in the boxes as well. the boxes are cool because they are already divided and they sell plastic dividers too, so you can make it really easy to find anything. it's a little more time and expense, but in the end i think it's worth it. for as much time as i put into my music collection, if i didn't have backups and something gets scratched, lost or ruined i would freak. so now, i just pull the b/u out, spin another and put it right back in it's nice safe home. the end.
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