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Re: New Version: Lplex - Flac/Wav to DVD-V and Back Again (Free/Open-Source)

CHANGELOG: Lplex v 0.2 beta win32
  • Default black screen size is now 352x240-NTSC/352x288-PAL, and
    can be user-set to any of the valid dvd-compatible dimensions.
    If overwriting a previous v 0.1 beta installation, you can delete
    'black_NTSC.jpg' and 'black_PAL.jpg', which are no longer required.
  • Partial authoring to either of raw lpcm, m2v, mpeg, or dvd stages
    is now enabled. 'isoCreate' (-b) option is now deprecated in favor
    of new general 'create' (-c)* option.

    *note: 'cleanup' short switch is now changed to -C.
  • A dvdStyler-compatible xml file can now be generated for authoring menus.
  • Flac compression level can now be user-specified.
  • Tightened input validation:
    1. Titleset audio consistency is now enforced.
    2. Dvd-compatibility of jpeg dimensions is now enforced.
    3. Non-canonical wave headers and non-lpcm wave data are now rejected.
    4. 32-byte iso volume id limit is now enforced.
    5. Dvd start/end sectors are now cross-checked for consistency with pts endpoints during extraction.
  • bugfix: Terminal empty chapter no longer causes crash during extraction.
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