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Re: Storage of Shows

Originally Posted by thisistoto
Are you talking about audio or video?

For audio I backup all the original lossless files onto DVDs. I find its the simplest, cheapest, and most secure way to go about archiving your music. I am really scared of backing up my shows onto hard drives, espiically large ones. Example, if my 250 gig drive dies, I have lost A LOT of music. On the other hand, if I lose or damage one dvd, only 4 gigs are lost. Ideally I would have both external drives daisy chained like no other (I have around 1,000 gig of shows) and also have a copy of everything on dvd as well.

And its SUPER simple to trade from the dvd method. If you look at my audio list there is a "DVD #" next to every show I have archived. If someone wants a crunchy WSP show, I just look at the DVD # I have it backed up on, copy the files to my computer, burn, and voila.
^^this is the way to go. i do the same thing. keep a list & your discs organized and its easy. you can have much more control over what happens to the discs than you can with what happens to your hard drive. drives fail, more often than you expect. just not worth it either IMO.
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