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Re: Storage of Shows

Are you talking about audio or video?

For audio I backup all the original lossless files onto DVDs. I find its the simplest, cheapest, and most secure way to go about archiving your music. I am really scared of backing up my shows onto hard drives, espicially large ones. Example, if my 250 gig drive dies, I have lost A LOT of music. On the other hand, if I lose or damage one dvd, only 4 gigs are lost. Ideally I would have a bunch of external drives daisy chained like no other (I have around 1,000 gig of shows) and also have a copy of everything on dvd as well.

And its SUPER simple to trade from the dvd method. If you look at my audio list there is a "DVD #" next to every show I have archived. If someone wants a crunchy WSP show, I just look at the DVD # I have it backed up on, copy the files to my computer, burn, and voila.
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