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Re: Question about an upload

I think these might cover it from the Video BitTorrent Seeding Guide:

9. Only DVDs produced from MPEG-2 may be seeded here.
No DVDs will be allowed to be seeded here which were sourced from lesser quality video (ie. VCD/CVD/SVCD/DivX/xvid/ASF/wmv//mp4/etc converted to DVD). Converting a lesser quality video to DVD does not make the quality of the video any better, and is therefore pointless. It is equivilent to creating a flac fileset from mp3s simply because the flac format came around and is better than all others. We also do not allow video's shot with digital camera's, cell phone's, or any other device that is not made or meant for recording video. None of the above mentioned video codecs are up to par with The Trader's Den Video BT Seeding Guidelines, and therefore, will not be allowed on the tracker.

10. No Transcoded or Re-Encoded DVDs are allowed.
We do not allow any DVDs to be seeded that have been recompressed in any way. This includes any DVD9>DVD5 or PAL>NTSC or NTSC>PAL, MPEG-2 > remaster > MPEG-2. Please seed the DVDs in the original released form. The only exception here is if you received a DVD with no menus or chapters, then feel free to add a menu and chapter points (this MUST be done without RE-encoding the video), but please give credit to the original author, if known. Once you download the show, you may do what you want to it, but please only share the DVDs in their original released form.
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